An advanced global communication has bought together various nations in one common platform many times. Those years in which international sports events are conducted, people are glued to their television screens to watch thrilling football, basketball, tennis or hockey games. Many travel thousands of miles to watch a game. international sports are organized as a mega event, where all types of games are played by participants representing various countries. Following are most exciting international sport events:international sports are organized as a mega event

24 Hours of Le Mans

There are three key points that fully define this automobile race: stamina, skill and speed. This event is hosted by Automobile Club de L’Ouest in France. Participants from all over the world add modernity and diversity to the game with their unique automobiles. Thus the race becomes a mix of modern car lovers and old-fashioned racers. The aspect of 24 Hours of Le Mans which makes it the most popular sport event of all time is its non-permanent track. It is located near Le Mans city alongside Sarthe River. The trend of 24 Hours of Le Mans has been thrilling people since 1923. Every year in June, sounds of roaring cars can be heard for 24 hours.

Soccer World Cup

Soccer world cup is watched by billions of audience around the globe. It is usually played by no more than 32 nations, i.e. 32 teams, but people around the globe change their schedule to watch soccer games.

Teams qualify to compete in World Cup after playing many qualifying rounds in a course of three years. In world game soccer, only the best of the best squad from almost all continents is selected. The most prominent team since 1930s is of Brazil. Brazilian team has won five champion cups since 1958, under the sportsmanship of all famous player, Pele.

Many soccer players like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are world famous celebrities, known for their charisma and amazing trickery skills on field. Different art forms have been developed over the course of last century to promote FIFA world cup. Many songs have been sung that eventually became iconic symbols of soccer excitement, like Shakira’s 2010 world cup song Waka Waka.

The Olympics

The roots of Olympic games go back to the times of Antiquity in glorious Greece, where Greek lord Zeus and many other gods emphasized on development of body through sports. The priority of body health led to development of various games, that were played each year in a mega event called Olympics. Who knew that Olympic games would one day become a global event, a tradition that will carry on for centuries to come?

Olympic games are conducted after every four year, in which athletes from almost all countries compete in different kinds of sports. Both, summer games and winter games are conducted, however summer games are given preference because of large number of games and participants. In winter games, sports are usually played on ice and snow.

These sports become more spicy and intense when national revelries play against each other. For example, no body has forgotten hockey game between Soviet Union and United States in 1980, or Argentina’s iconic victory over America’s “Dream Team”.

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