Different regions have developed various national sports which support their weather conditions, cultural stereotypes and geographical location. Popularly played sports are those which have cultural ties to highly cultivated and populated regions. Following is a list of top most popular sports in the world.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with huge fan following in four majorly populous continents in the world: North America, Europe, South America and Africa. Each year, world cup final thrills people around the globe. Fans from all corners of the world come to watch exciting soccer games. More than 600 million people engage in watching football in two hundred countries.


Most popularly played in America, basketball is no doubt very common in other regions as well. It is highly supported in countries like Philippines, United States, Canada, Mongolia, etc. It is a major sport all across South America and continental Europe as well. During NBA finals, the game is broadcasted on different channels over two hundred countries. The sport is highly supported by continental hosts as well, which organize regional competitions, like FIBA Americas Championship and EuroBasket.


Tennis is the most universal sport in the whole world, with players coming from distant corners and ethnic backgrounds. It is in top ten sports in almost all countries’ local list. Commonly played in Asia, Australia, North and Latin America and all across Europe, it is the third most popular sport. Wimbledon tournament is one of most readily watched event in the world, which is also broadcasted in all continents.


Originally a British sport, cricket is majorly played in almost all commonwealth regions of the world. Cricket is highly dominant in Indian subcontinent, a region home to one quarter of world’s population. Also popular in Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the sport is watched by more than four hundred million people around the globe.


Very popular in Canada, Korea and Mexico, it is highly supported by two economically developed countries of the world: United States and Japan. Each year, Nippon league and MLB are attended by millions of people.

Formula 1

Majorly popular because of its extensive broadcast in all continents, Formula 1 is sixth most popular racing sport in the world. According to reports, each race is viewed by more than five hundred million people. It is a major sport in South Africa, Western, Latin America, European countries like England, Scotland, France and Netherlands.

Volley Ball

Volley ball is a primary sport in developing nations of the world. This sport is extensively played across Asia and parts of Europe. It is a very popular game in Brazil. According to certain estimates, volleyball has wold’s largest participants. Each world championship is extensively broadcasted in Europe, Asia and some parts of Africa.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is most popular winter sport in the world. It is a major sport of Canada, followed by Russia and United States. In cold regions of Western Europe, world championship attracts seven hundred million people in hundred countries.

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