There are numerous new sports that have made their space in Olympic events but has any one ever thought about the sports that are shed out to create space for the new ones? There are many types of sports that no one ever thought would have been a part of Olympics but they actually were. Here is a list of some of the uniquely listed sports that were once played in Olympic games:

Tug of War:

Yes, tug of war which seems to be restricted only to school sports days was once a pretty serious game. It consisted of eight players in each team and the victory was decided when one team pulled the rope successfully from the opponent. History states that the most winning team in Tug of War has been the Great Britain.

Ski Ballet:

Ski ballet was considered to be the most fun sports among all games. Who would not enjoy the choreographed jumps and flips with planks in feet? Regardless of the nature of this game, unfortunately it never qualified the testing stage of Olympic games.

Club Swinging:

Jugglers were once the part of Olympic world. 1904 and 1932’s Olympics included club swinging as official sport. These jugglers had to swing and whirl and who ever lasted longer won ultimately. Today juggling has been taken up to another level which includes gymnastics as well. Back then it was simple yet technical.


Rackets is more like a squash game which is played by a single player against wall. It was last played in 1908 Olympic games, when the only country to represent it was the Great Britain. Now the game has been replaced with lawn tennis and hard rackets.

Water Skiing:

Water skiing was one of the most popular sport till 1972, after which its popularity suddenly started to diminish. This sport failed to be any country’s representation after 1992 Summer Olympic Games. A major setback for water skiing was that no country made an attempt to revive it.

Rope Climbing:

Rope climbing used to be a famous Olympic sport. It was very popular from 1896 Olympics to 1902, in which athletes participated to climb ropes of various lengths and thickness. Sportsmen were not only judged on their speed, but also the climbing style. Very few people were able to successfully climb to the very top, a major reason for this sport’s decline.

Power Boating:

Power boating failed to a be a distinct part of Olympic games because of harsh weather conditions and less refined boat engines back in 1908. Maximum speed of these boats were 19 hour per hour, which was time taking and tiring as well. Often races got cancelled due to poor engines and weather conditions.

Solo Synchronized Swimming

Solo synchronized sport was an interesting sport in which swimmers synchronized their speed and style with background music. The sight of swimmers dancing in water by synchronizing with music was a beautiful sight. Sadly, it is a recently extinct Olympic sport, no longer operational after 1992.